Fact:  If someone has a heart attack… the sooner that medical help arrives – the better the chance of survival.

Join us now to become a local life saver!

The Heart of the Valley – Community First Responders Team is now established to help you – but we still need more active volunteers.

Who are we?

A growing team of part-time local volunteers who are working to provide rapid response life saving support in our local community on behalf of the professional Ambulance Services.

Our aim is:

To provide high quality, fast response support to local medical emergencies such as heart attacks, asthma, epilepsy and diabetes. We do not attend traumas such as road accidents or incidents including violence.

What do we need and how can you get involved?

Ideally a team total of 30 active voluntary Community First Responders throughout our villages.
Volunteer group / rota co-ordinator.
Marketing, fundraising and website development volunteers.
Financial sponsorship – this may be from individuals or local businesses – aim of £2500 per year.

What do our volunteers get out of it?

Professional training in emergency life saving skills, including the use of equipment such as automatic emergency defibrillators and oxygen. Also possible further First Aid and Advanced Driver skills training.

To be part of a dedicated voluntary team which can potentially really make a difference to our communities.

If you want to join the team and you live / work in any of these villages:-
Chappel – Wakes Colne – Mount Bures – Great Tey
Fordstreet – Aldham – White Colne – Earls Colne

Please send your name and contact details to:
Email: heart@chappelandwakescolne.net
Phone or Text: 07989 423 646

Heart of the Valley logo

The Heart of the Valley – Community First Responders Team – in memory of Cris Urry of Chappel.
A voluntary organisation in association with the East of England Ambulance NHS Trust.