We need YOUR help during the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak!

Chappel Parish Council and Wakes Colne Parish Council would like to facilitate a task force of healthy volunteers willing to undertake small tasks including shopping, picking up prescriptions, posting a letter etc for people in their community that have to self-isolate.

We know that many of you have already offered your help to your neighbours and community which we are very grateful for.  Once we have a list of volunteers we plan to letter drop contact details to all residents so that even those that are not on social media can be covered and will therefore have a way of contacting the community if they need assistance.

If you can help please contact us on

Chappel Residents: 01206 589095 or by email: parishclerk@chappel.org

Wakes Colne Residents: 07508 787869 or by email: parishclerk@wakescolne.org


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